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  • Student Leadership

    Student Leadership

    All students are given the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills throught the school. 

    Students are offered many opportunities to participate in leadership activities such as:

    • AMA Safety Patrol
    • Beverage Container Recycling--Green Team
    • Microwave Helpers
    • Spirit Day Announcements
    • Student Mentors

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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    Students at Meyokumin School have the opportunity to take part in several clubs and activities during the year. Some of these include:

    - Running Club
    - Choir                                                 
    - Handbell Choir
    - Chess Club
    - Orff
    - Science Olympics

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

     At Meyokumin School, everyone in our school community has the right to learn and work in an environment that is respectful, safe, healthy and focused on learning and success. In order to preserve these rights, students have the responsibility to participate actively and productively in all situations. Conduct throughout the school must be appropriate so that all class members and teachers may concentrate on the tasks they are performing. We believe that both home and school share the responsibility for teaching appropriate and acceptable behaviour. By working together, we can ensure positive student conduct.

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  • School Profile

    School Profile

    Meyokumin School is a community school with a culturally diverse population of approximately 580 students.  We offer two programs; the regular or Mainstream program and the alternative Cogito program.  Within these programs we offer French as a Second Language and a Punjabi Language and Cultural Classes.

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ALERT: Instruction moves to distance and online learning.

School phone lines and emails remain open for communication with families.


Principal's Message

Welcome to Meyokumin School! We are committed to ensuring all students learn at high levels.  Through the support and talent of the Meyokumin students, staff and families, together we work in partnership to create a viable and dynamic learning community.

We value our partnership with our parent community and recognize that, what really supports the success of our students is the strong commitment to communication between home and school.  We believe in the importance of maintaining a respectful learning environment where a positive, effective working relationship is established.

We are extremely excited to continue enhancing our focus on citizenship through the Leader in Me program.  Our goal is to foster attributes of caring and empathetic citizens in our classes, in our community and expanding to a global context.

 As a school we use SchoolZone as our primary mode of communication, and we encourage our parents to check SchoolZone daily to receive timely information.

At Meyokumin, we have a commitment to ensure all students have a sense of belonging, and through high quality learning opportunities are engaged, active and involved students.

We look forward to an exciting and rewarding school year!

Yours in Partnership,

Dr. Gail Brierley
Meyokumin School