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  • Student Leadership

    Student Leadership

    All students are given the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills throught the school. 

    Students are offered many opportunities to participate in leadership activities such as:

    • AMA Safety Patrol
    • Beverage Container Recycling--Green Team
    • Microwave Helpers
    • Spirit Day Announcements
    • Student Mentors

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

     At Meyokumin School, everyone in our school community has the right to learn and work in an environment that is respectful, safe, healthy and focused on learning and success. In order to preserve these rights, students have the responsibility to participate actively and productively in all situations. Conduct throughout the school must be appropriate so that all class members and teachers may concentrate on the tasks they are performing. We believe that both home and school share the responsibility for teaching appropriate and acceptable behaviour. By working together, we can ensure positive student conduct.

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  • School Profile

    School Profile

    Meyokumin School is a community school with a culturally diverse population of approximately 580 students.  We offer two programs; the regular or Mainstream program and the alternative Cogito program.  Within these programs we offer French as a Second Language and a Punjabi Language and Cultural Classes.

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  • COGITO OPEN HOUSE 2024-2025: Kindergarten - Grade 6

    COGITO OPEN HOUSE 2024-2025: Kindergarten - Grade 6

    Please join us for our Cogito Open House, Kindergarten to Grade 6.

    Tuesday, February 27, 2024 from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

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COGITO OPEN HOUSE 2024-2025: Kindergarten - Grade 6

Please join us for our Cogito Open House, Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024 from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.


Registration for 2024-2025

If your child is new to Edmonton Public Schools, you can register for school online, starting February 1st. Visit the Division website to learn how to register for school

You will need to pre-enrol on SchoolZone to tell us the school you’d like your child to attend next year. Find important dates and deadlines and learn more about pre-enrolment, which opens February 1st.
If you have questions about registering for school, contact the school office.


Submit your child’s absence in SchoolZone

On March 14th, you can start using SchoolZone to report when your child will be absent from school. This new feature is optional for Division schools, and our school is excited to participate.

On your mobile phone or desktop computer, enter your child’s absence starting a week before it occurs or up to the day they are absent.

Sign in to SchoolZone, choose the Student Profile menu and then Attendance to enter an absence.

If you prefer to call the school to report an absence, you can continue to do so.


Principal Message


We want to welcome you to the 2023 – 2024 school year.  This marks the 41th year of operation for Meyokumin School.

Our school has an outstanding reputation for its commitment to learning and academic excellence.  We constantly look for ways to ensure our students have the best opportunity to learn and grow into healthy, successful citizens. For our school to do the best job possible, we need the involvement of parents.  Research has shown conclusively that, when families take an interest in education, students are likely to achieve well in school.

The collaborative efforts of students, staff, families and community at Meyokumin School is a big reason for our achievements.  Families are ALWAYS welcome at Meyokumin School!  We have an exceptional staff and we strive to achieve excellence with your ongoing assistance and support.

Our students will achieve much this year in terms of academic growth, greater self-confidence, and improved social skills.  Families and staff, working as a team, will enable our children to receive the best education possible. 

We welcome your suggestions, concerns and compliments.  Please feel free to contact us at any time throughout the school year.

Mr. Chet Gosavi, Principal, 780-463-8409