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School Council

W‌hat is a School Council?  ‌

A School Council is a collective association of parents, teachers, principals, staff and community representatives who work together to effectively support and enhance student learning. School councils provide one means for members of the school community to provide advice to and consult with the principal and to advise the school board.‌‌

What do we do?

A school council works to promote the well-being and effectiveness of the entire school community to enhance student learning.  We are involved in the planning of the budget, programming, as well as extracurricular activities.  We act in an advisory role to the Principal.

Who are we?

We are all parents of children in the school who have one common goal and that is that our children are receiving the very best Education.  We are made up of 9 representatives mixed from Mainstream and Cogito Programs; as well as a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. 

How can you help?

We are looking for representatives for next year. We have an election every year for School Council Representatives as well as Chair, Vice Chair and secretary positions.  If you are interested, or curious join us at our AGM in the fall.  If this does not appeal to you, you can also help us by coming to the AGM in the fall as well as subsequent meetings and supporting our children’s learning as well as voicing any concerns or maybe just to offer a compliment.

Have a question?

You can reach us at meyokuminsc@gmail.com

Meeting dates and times can be found on Schoolzone




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Each and every parent or guardian who has a child attending Meyokumin School is a member of PAC.  You have a voice and you have a vote.

Together we aim to create a sense of community and support for our children, our teachers and our school. We fundraise to supplement classroom activities, share school improvement costs and sponsor special activities and items for our students. We collaborate with school staff to improve the experience of the families in our school, to enrich our children’s learning environment and to plan some really fun events and treats!

Some things we have sponsored:

  • Full set of new computers for the lab
  • Carnival d’Hiver with a Cabane à Sucre
  • Annual Alberta Opera performance
  • Hand-crafted candy cane reindeer for our students
  • Fieldtrip Subsidy
  • School-wide Agendas

Some ways we raise funds:

  • Bi-annual Casino
  • Hot Lunch Program
  • Student Project Fundraiser

PAC news and minutes can be found on SchoolZone.

Question or Comment? Email: MeyokuminPAC@gmail.com